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Although we believe that dance should be a part of your everyday life, we understand that your wedding day truly calls for an emotional, meaningful dance even if you are not a dancer yet. Wedding dance choreography is a delicate undertaking, and we want to make a beautiful, timeless memory for you and your partner. As with all of our offerings, we will use your natural talent as a dancer to choreograph and teach the wedding dance of your dreams. And in the process of learning, feel all the benefits of getting in shape, gaining confidence, getting closer to your partner, and expressing yourself through dance.

Wedding dance is a Dance of your Dreams. Emotional, meaningful moment, that creates timeless memories.

 Planning of your Wedding Dance is an important choice your have to make.   

Skill Level: beginner to advanced
Classes: private
Dance Style: varied, Ballroom, Freestyle
Goals: choreograph a wedding dance, learn to dance