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Wedding Dance Special. Look Elegant & Confident.

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 Learn to dance Salsa. Tango. Rumba. Swing. Foxtrot & more... 

 It's Fun. Easy. Joyful. Graceful. Artistic. Attractive &  Uplifting


 Flexibility and Strength is a foundation of our Fitness programs.


 GYROTONIC® Method offered at ADANCEA: 

GYROTONIC®  TOWER exercises  level 1 

GYROTONIC® TOWER  exercises  level 2 (advanced, we offer as a Training for Dancers)    


GYROTONIC® Application for golf. Fitness for golfers

GYROTONIC® Application for tennis. Fitness for tennis players    

GYROTONIC® Application for elite athletes. Cross-training


GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit


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