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GYROTONIC® Method of training

GYROTONIC®  TOWER exercises  level 1 

GYROTONIC® TOWER  exercises  level 2 (advanced, we offer as a Training for Dancers)    


GYROTONIC® Application for golf. Fitness for golfers

GYROTONIC® Application for tennis. Fitness for tennis players    

GYROTONIC® Application for elite athletes. Cross-training


GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit 



Get in Shape, Recuperate, Hone

 GYROTONIC® exercises can be tailored to meet your needs, wherever you are in your journey towards good physical health or achieving your goals in sport or dance. Gyrotonic methodology is used world-wide to train dancers and athletes both in recuperation facilities and as an exercise program at all skill levels. Dancers and athletes will notice improvement in range of motion, flexibility, and technique, development of fluidity and the rhythm of motion. Anybody can benefit from multiple disciplines and get in shape quickly without getting hurt.

A program designed for you
When Juliu Horvath, a dancer recovering from injury at the time, developed the GYROTONIC EXPANTION SYSTEM®, he created a new form of exercise designed to work with the human body, not against it, to allow total freedom of movement for people of all walks of life, age, and health. Our trainers are certified in his system and specialized equipment so that they can bring you an affective form of exercise, devoted to sculpting your body, improving your health, and increasing your flexibility, stability, and coordination. Perfect as a  body conditioning, or as stand alone cross-training regiment.

 Athletes, dancers, professionals, models - enhance your training regimen

 Get in shape the healthy way - using a set of balanced and carefully designed, exercises that elongate your joints, not compress them. With your increased strength and flexibility, you'll walk better, dance better, play golf better .

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