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                                         I would like to share my passion, experiences and  knowledge

                               to guide you through your journey of learning, enjoying and appreciating dance.


With a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Culture in St. Petersburg, Russia, Natalia specialized in Choreography and Dance instruction, concentrating in Ballet, Stage Character, Ballroom and Latin Dance. With her partner Uali Evgamukov, she is ranked among the top International Amateur and Professional Latin Dance couples and has earned the distinctions of Russian National Champion, World Cup Lambada Champion, silver medalist in the World Lambada Championship and Finalist in the World Dance Exhibitions. Throughout her distinguished career, she has  won international titles in Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Canada,  and the USA.

Her philosophy is to use your goals, interest, and commitment to tailor a unique dance or exercise program to your individual needs. Creativity and innovation are a part of her life, whether in dance, choreography, exercise, or teaching, she would share her knowledge, passion and experiences to guide you.


Achievements in teaching

Following a successful career in dance competition, Natalia came to America as a dance instructor and owner of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, where she began training dancers. Her students went on to receive National Dance Championship titles across all age ranges in Latin, American Rhythm, and American Smooth, and finalist distinctions in the world Salsa Championships. She brings this experience to the Atlantic Dance Academy, where she helps dancers improve and develop their talent.  




                                           Azamat and Katherina - Professional American Rhythm dancers                                                                                    


Continually improving her own skills, Natalia studies developmental exercises and stretching  programs.  

Certified Trainer in  GYROTONIC®Level 1 and Level 2

Special equipment:



GYROTONIC®Application for Elite athletes, 

GYROTONIC®Application for Golf,

 GYROTONIC® for Tennis.