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ADANCEA  Open registration for pre - Latin and pre - Ballet classes for ages 5-6 and 7-9 years old! 

                                                     Social and Competitive Ballroom dancing 

 Are you already a passionate ballroom dancer looking for a competitive edge or new choreography? Maybe you've been catching episodes of So You Think You Can Dance? and are excited to bring your enthusiasm from the living room to the dance floor? At our dance studio, we train all levels of dancers in both social and competitive ballroom dance, tailored to your talents and desires. Ballroom dancing is a formal way to express your creative energy and physical skill, but it is not formulaic. At Atlantic Dance, our teachers will engage your natural talent and give you the skill necessary to dance with confidence. Learn to dance - is not just memorizing the steps. Image. Spirit. Attitide. Energy

                                         Choreography and Coaching

  First-time competitors and experienced dancers alike can benefit from the specialties of our dance  choreographers. Dancers looking for refinement of technique, mastery of a style, or competitive choreography in Latin Dance, American Rhythm, and Smooth will benefit from this offering. Our dance choreographers are happy to work with couples, solo, and freestyle routines at any stage. 

The trainings we offer are available from Bronze Close Social to a Gold and Above Open Competitive Levels.


                                                       Call to schedule a meeting with us.