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Goals: learn to dance, improve technique, increase fitness, find your style, choreograph social or competitive dances


In this course we use Latin dance techniques to bring your dancing to the next level. Increasing level of  physical fitness,  will improve your ability of concentration on dance techniques and focus on your presentation and style, creating a unique image that can only be you. Your dance instructor will help you understand the dynamic interplay of strength, tension, relaxation, speed of motion, rhythm, and character of the dance to take you to the next level as a dancer, get in shape and just to have fun. Expect to work on body alignment, arm expression, spins, turns, and overall physical condition in this Ballroom  Dance Fitness and Latin dance technique course. Whether you are looking to become a serious dancer, or just get in shape, your body will thank you for taking this course. Ballroom  Dance Fitness and Latin dance technique course is one of the most popular program in our studio.