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 Florida Ballroom and Latin Dancing FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. Atlantic Dance Academy. 

There are common questions and comments  about dance lessons,

dance studios, dance competitions, dance ethics and dance parthnerships.


Please email us your questions at Natalia@adancea.com we will be happy to answer.

  •  I am a beginner dancer,  how can I  start and how to choose the dance studio?


  • You have to know your goals in dancing. Dance studios and Ballrooms offer a large variety of programs. Call to sceduale a dance evaluation with Dance Professional to find the best available options for your abilities and level of commitment. Check credentials of Dance Professional in teaching and dancing.


  • Do I have to start  from private lessons or group classes?

Group classes are fun and easy way to start if you have a lots of time, do not mind to move with the speed of others, looking to improve your social skills, meet new friends and in a process to learn how to dance. Private lessons are more intense with information and designed to work on your individual level and needs. In our studio we offer group classes for Ballroom and Latin dancing for Social level only. Students have to be able to follow the pace and rhythm of the class, if  the students are not ready to follow, or too advanced for the class, they have to go through private lessons training. It is very common that couples have to take course of private lessons first, since one of the partners is faster then another.

  • How much time takes to learn to dance?

It is no different then learning how to play tennis, golf, or to speak a foreign language. You have to know your expectations, level of abilities, commitment and level of personal acceptableness.

  •  Is everyone can be a competitive dancer?

 It is a variety of dance levels and styles, as well as a dance competitions. It is a challenge. Everybody can try, it is a great experiences. You do not have to compete to be a good or a better dancer, you can challenge your own obstacls and celebrate your own achievements - no matter how small or big they are. Do what you want, love what you do...

  •  How to prepare for my dance lessons?

Since it is the most favorite and importent time for you, keep it as a HIGHLIGHT of the day.

  • How long do I have to practice before and after my private lesson?

Beginners and advenced dancers have to learn to memorize by visualization, not by physical repetitions only. It is very easy to create the wrong habbits when body is not ready to retain proper information, as progress will continued and information accumulated your intuition would tell you how long you have to practice. Quality, not quantity proportions.

  • If my technique is not improving anymore, what should I do?

Check physical conditions of your body first (flexibility, cardio, coordination, proper alignment), take dance progress session, look for a second opinion. 

  • I don't want to work on technique and look like a professionsal dancer, just want to feel loose dancing free style in a dance clubs, what should I do?

You have to decide first what is less or more importent for you: the way you look, the way you feel, or the way you dance? Make priorities - it will give your dance instructor a chance to find a solution for your style. Regardless of your abilities to dance and capacity to learn, 10-20 dance lessons are not going to make you look like a pro, it will give you a certain level of control and confidence, eliminate stiffness but not gain sloppiness and make you feel better about yourself. 

  • How often dance routins have to be changed?

Routines have to be modified regularly to keep your edge, build your capabilities, strengthen your mind, and continue your evolvement within dance.

  • Why do I look stiff while I am dancing?

It can be caused by a lack of flexibility, emotional tension and stress by incorrect timing coordination and over-rated dance routines among other issues. 

  • Can demonstrations build up my confidence for competitions?

Yes, and no. It's depending on the roots of the problems you have with your confidence at the moment. The timing for demonstrations and level of competitions has to be right. It can break you down, or build you up.

  • How can I improve my artistic level of dance?

Keep your imagination and sence of wonder alive, express the way you feel, be NATURAL. Attitude is everything. LOL (choose your definition: Laughing out loud. Lots of Love. Lots of luck, or Little old lady...)  LOL

  • Why my  Dance Partner can not follow me?

To lead another person in dancing is a very difficult tool you learn as your own dance progresses.  If you have difficulties with your partner, try to dance with somebody else first.  If it's still the same, most likely your leading skill is not strong yet.  Your dance professional has to determine what has to be done to improve.  Learn what your partner can and sence what your partner can't.  It is not about perfect leading or following, it is about enjoing dancing together.

  • My partner is not leading me... 

This is a typical comment from the ladie's.  Most of the time it is a combination of his lead along with your own level of dance that has to be improved.  It takes time and practice to be able to move with your partner.  Be patient and sensative to the skill he is working on as well as your own.